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Event Info

Thank you for joining the Shamanic Healing Event - Winter at the Loft!

We will gather in the beautiful loft (the upstairs area) of the Wellness Barn in the Basin, right at the edge of the forest for this deep healing event.

Below is all info you need, but if anything is unclear or I have missed something feel free to e-mail me at (or use the contact form on this website) and I will get back to you asap.

About the Event 

This is a shamanic group healing event and we will go straight into deep work. I personally find that talking too much at the start (although sometimes useful/needed) can shorten the time spent in deep healing at an event. Because of this, I have chosen to make this an event where we will talk as little as possible and simply enter the room and get started. We will keep a respectful silence as far as possible (I will of course play music and give instructions/talk to guide you as needed) to allow us all to go as deep as possible and receive as much healing as possible. After the event, you are free to leave if you want to keep the silence to integrate, but I will make myself available for anyone who has questions. I will also be available via e-mail in the days following the event.

What will the event include?

My work is always guided by spirit and nothing is set in stone, however, this is the general outline of the event:

As you enter the space I will cleanse you and you will then set up your spot for the night.

We will open sacred space together as a group.

We will do light breathwork.

I will reset your fight-or-flight system.

I will do shamanic healing on the group/come around to cleanse and illuminate your base and heart chakras (through core shamanic techniques).

I will drum over you.

We will do more light breathwork.

We will wrap up through stillness where you have a chance to just rest and integrate as I bring light to the group. I will go around with aura sprays (please let me know on the day if you have any allergies and don't want me to spray essential oils over you).

I will close sacred space as you return to the here and now.

We allow each other time in silence to leave without too much chit-chat in the group space.

I will stay for a few minutes should you have any questions and you may also reach out via e-mail after the event.

What to Expect

Shamanic healing meets you where you are at. Sometimes this means a gentle nurturing feeling, other times it is a deep 'being shaken at the core and cleansed' experience. It depends on what you need, your intention, and what you are ready for. It is not uncommon to feel a little unwell after having healing, or perhaps a little tired. Deep emotions can also be stirred up as they leave your system. I encourage you to read the session information page on this website which has detailed info about shamanic healing. Although this is a group event and we will not do as in-depth personal work as in a one-on-one session the information will still be helpful if you are new to healing or have not worked with me before.

What shall I bring?

Bring a yoga mat or something else to lie on, a blanket, a pillow, or whatever you need to sit/lie to feel comfortable throughout the event. Bring a bottle of water, perhaps a pair of warm socks (there are no shoes allowed at this venue), and if you wish a journal/pen to write down any insights.

How can I prepare?

There are no strict guidelines for how to prepare for this event, however, I encourage you to eat healthily, and avoid recreational drugs/alcohol and heavy foods or large quantities of sugar for 72h before the event. You may wish to limit caffeine. All these suggestions are just to help you get as much out of the event as possible and not pre-requisites. Always speak to your healthcare professional before making any dietary changes.

Where/What time/Parking

Sunday, July 17th, 2022, 6 -7.30 pm. The venue is called The Wellness Barn, however, Google maps sometimes fail to take people to the right place at this venue, so it is best if you type in the address in your nav: 148 Basin-Olinda Road, The Basin, 3154.

Please arrive 10-15 min before the start (you will all be let into the event space and cleansed around 5.50 for a 6 pm start. There is parking along the road, please do not park in the driveway per the property owner's request.

I am looking forward to sharing sacred space with you.



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