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Soul Regression Therapy

(Past Life Hypnotic Regression Therapy)

Sessions last between 1.5-3h depending on your unique experience but usually around 2h 15 min)


Soul Regression Therapy is a modern healing method using hypnotic past life regression. SRT was developed by Lorna & John Jackson of the Jackson Institute, Australia. I was trained and certified by the Jacksons and also hold a certificate in Basic Hypnosis. More information is provided further down on this page.


You will be resting comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, in my healing space, as I take you through the session. Hypnosis is a safe method and not what you may think if you have watched stage hypnosis on TV (where people think they are cats and such) - rather it is a deep, natural state where your brain waves change and you relax deeply, yet remain fully conscious and fully in control (both of your experience and of what you say and do). It is simply a state of relaxation like what you are in when watching a good movie or reading a book: you tune out unnecessary noise but if someone was to call your name you would hear it.


During the session, we will discuss your situation and I will explain more about the technique and hypnosis. Then, I will take you through a hypnotic induction using my voice to help you reach a deep level of relaxation, after which we will visit a past life, go through that life and to the last day of that life. We do this with the aim of finding the root of an issue you are experiencing. This technique is healing and helping you create shifts in your life, the goal is to release energy that no longer serves you and assist you moving forward. We don't simply 'jump around' in different past lives (as enthralling as these stories might be). Is it a past life? Is it a story that lives within you? Is it a story spirit is telling you? No one knows, but what we do know is that it is deeply helpful, deeply healing and deeply empowering.


The session may include a visit to the afterlife, connection with guides and loved ones in spirit and other healing aspects - it all depends on how deep you are able to go (which depends on your unique circumstances, how much healing you have had and how willing you are to allow spirit to take you on the journey). We will then journey back to 'the now' and discuss what you experienced (and of course this is an inner journey with your spirit and consciousness, not a physical journey!) 


To learn more about SRT I recommend visiting the official website https://www.soulregressiontherapy.com.au/

Preparation & Follow-Up

I recommend that you stay off alcohol and/or drugs for at least 48-72h before your session and that you limit caffeine. 


Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you need to reschedule your session, please contact me via e-mail: tessa@shamanicsoulwork.com 48h prior to the start of your session and we will find another date and time to meet up in sacred space. In the highly unlikely event that you are not happy with my services, please let me know and we can discuss a refund.



Please note: to book in you need to be at least 21 years of age and not suffer from epilepsy (due to the hypnotic state drumming and rattling can induce). Healing is not curing. I am not a medical professional and I do not treat illnesses. This is NOT a physical product, nothing is shipped or delivered to you. All services on this website are spiritual in nature and are NOT intended to replace professional medical care. I reserve the right to refund you and cancel our session, should I feel that I am not the right person to help you. Session notes will be digitally saved for my future references, but never with your full name or personal details. It is possible to have a recording of our session by prior request, however, due to the Soul Regression Therapy copyright guidelines I will only be able to record our conversation whilst you are under hypnosis, not the induction methods/script for the session.

More information...

Soul Regression TherapyⓇ is a Past Life & Between Lives hypnotic regression healing technique developed by Lorna & John Jackson, of the Jackson Institute, Australia. This amazing approach to regression is focused on not just visiting random past lives, but rather visit the life where a problem you are now suffering from begun & working on healing the issue.

Below is a quote from the official Soul Regression Therapy website (www.soulregressiontherapy.com.au) explaining the process further:

'The process involves guiding an individual into the somnambulistic state of trance through a unique hypnotic process and visualization method that Lorna and John have developed. This is a natural brain wave cycle or mind state that one's consciousness naturally descends into just before sleep and upon waking each day. This unique process easily guides most people to remember their past lives and to connect with the afterlife.'

There are two parts of Soul Regression Therapy: the initial Past Life Regression session and then an optional advanced session - a Between Lives Regression Session. In the latter we do still 'visit' a past life, however, the aim is to then explore what your soul does in-between lives in spirit and may include visiting with spirit guides, relatives in spirit, the Akashic records, healing spaces and more.

Soul Regression Therapy can be helpful for:

  • Releasing what no longer serves you such as unhelpful beliefs & patterns

  • Gaining clarity in your life

  • Helping you understand your loved ones better

  • Learning the story of your soul and your life purpose 

  • Clearing karmic patterns, including family line karma

  • Healing, rejuvenation & deep relaxation

  • Understanding recurring patterns in your life

...and much more

As always, we visit 'the past' with the aim to progress in life, which ultimately requires you to make an effort and take action. How deeply a session helps you also depends on your unique situation, prior experience and so forth. As with everything in life, there is no magic pill - you are the creator of your life and what happens after a session.

This therapy is very helpful, whether you regard past lives as facts or stories that live within you. The beauty with this type of therapy is that YOU as the client 'go on the journey' under the guidance of the regressionist.


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