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Supporting Your Plant-Based Journey

This social project was born out of the love of my heart and the frustration I felt trying to find accurate information on my own plant-based journey. Forget dogma, online timewasting 'debaters' and cherry-picked research findings. Let us be real for a moment, start where we are at, and together create a healthier, more compassionate, and sustainable world. Western systems created the problem and it is up to us to repair them. 

Mission Statement

Nourish the Light's mission is to support your plant-based journey.


We are a peaceful, inclusive, vegan sub-section of Shamanic Soul Work, aiming to influence positive social change.


We strive to encourage everyone in the Western world to help undo what our harmful systems have created, with a vision of a more compassionate, sustainable, heart-centered plant-based world.


We do not believe in wasting time arguing online, instead, we believe that all of us privileged enough to have a choice in what we support have a responsibility to do what we can to help.


We welcome you wherever you are at on your plant-based journey and wish to remind you that although the world is not currently plant-based, we can seek to exclude all forms of harm where possible. 

Together we can create a sustainable, compassionate, and just future.

Resources & Socials

Recommended External Resources

One of the greatest challenges in the world of veganism, nutrition/dietetics, and generally online, is to get accurate science-based non-dogmatic information. Unfortunately, we live in a world where nutrition headlines are often written by those cherry-picking results from studies with the aim of promoting an agenda. Because of this, it may seem like there is confusion over what to eat...this is part of the problem. However, a plant-based, ethical and sustainable world goes way beyond what is on our plates of course.


At Nourish the Light we are here to help support your plant-based journey based on our decades of experience with trial and error. However, we are NOT dietitians and therefore when it comes to dietetics and nutrition we want you to learn from those properly trained (that keep up with the evolving field of science!) and those that know how to accurately read research articles (and not just the results which can be severely misleading). We do not believe in taking nutrition advice from social media and books written to promote 'diets', we like to go to the experts when we need expert advice. However, we can use social media to inspire and help each other.


So, whereas we are here to inspire and encourage you and share our vast knowledge, we will pass you on to the expert where we feel it is needed to do so. We are also not creating recipes, so whereas we share food inspiration, we will not be sharing recipes as such normally (because they are not ours!) 


We will do what we do best and leave others to help you with what they do best...so, dear friends, here are some of the most valued resources we have ever come across and that we trust implicitly.

To learn about plant-based nutrition (which truly is the base of any diet, vegan or not) we suggest you immerse yourself in the teachings of Simon Hill and the experts he has on his podcast.

For a deep-dive in nutrition coming from one of the vegan world's most prominent doctors (and someone who does an incredible amount of work, for free, to help give you accurate, updated, science-based information) we encourage you to learn from Dr. Michael Greger.

For amazing vegan, plant-based, and sustainable information and recipes we recommend Nourish Magazine.

For more beautifuldelicious recipes from a champiion in the field, head over to Angela Liddon's 'Oh She Glows' website.