15% of all takings on this site are donated to charity. I vary between donating to the Willka Yachay Project: Empowering the Q'eros Nation of Peru. (http://willkayachay.org)* and Amazon Watch: protecting the rainforest & advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon basin (www.amazonwatch.org)*

*Please note: this does not apply to group events.

I acknowledge Country and the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the true Traditional Custodians of the land where I live and work.

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Other Practitioners I Recommend

I didn't get to where I am today on my own...there were other healers, friends, family & people who helped me along the way. Gone are the days of scarcity and worrying about other practitioners 'stealing your clients' - in my circles we all SUPPORT each other, refer each other and vibe really high! It is with deep gratitude and straight from my heart that I recommend a handful of all the wonderful people that helped me along my own healing journey:

My friend & beautiful Holistic Healer, Yoga Teacher & Shamanic Healer in training (amongst many other things!) Georgia Smyrk www.georgiasmyrk.com

My friend & beautiful Women's Energy Healer and feminine embodiment mentor, Natasha Rose, who is helping women to learn their inner seasons so they can create their inner flow and ignite their inner flame www.natasharose.net.au


The shaman I go to when I need help Sherif Tawfilis www.soultherapies.com.au

'My reader' who has also been a wonderful mentor and guided me so many times over many years...Susan Rodio (Psychic, Medium & Astrologer)  https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/StarlightOracle

Blake - my friend and Holistic Entrepreneur - @the.oily.hippie.pippi on Instagram

Kayleigh Jean - an amazing reader & friend of mine www.falconsandpentacles.com