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Shamanic Rebirth Session (1.5h via Zoom/Skype or in-person by request)


The Shamanic Rebirth session is what I call what is more commonly known as spiritual 'Dismemberment' (another version is the Bone Dance). It is a deep energetic clearing where we ask spirit to remind us of who we are at our core, beyond our physical body, our true essence and to clear and re-build us. We ask that all that no longer serves us is removed and we are metaphorically cleansed down to the bone and 're-built'.


This is done through what we call a 'Shamanic Journey' (a journey with your consciousness that shamans use to work with spirit). Usually the shaman/shamanic healer journeys on behalf of the client, but it is on occasion possible to journey together. I am offering this service because spirit called me to:


I was at a point in my life where I needed to shift my issues with food for good like I had with alcohol and I had a detox bath, journeyed and asked spirit to take me through the 'dismemberment' process. It was a powerful experience and I came out of the bath feeling different mentally, physically and emotionally. I was back to my normal full strong self and haven't looked back since....then, I thought, should I offer this to clients? Yes, was the answer and I set out to trial the process with another healer to see if it would work. It absolutely did...so here we are, this service is now available to YOU (keep in mind that I am fully trained as a Shamanic Healer, I did not set up this process simply through my own experience with spirit).


What will happen during the session?


The Shamanic Rebirth will 'take place' during a regular Shamanic Healing session - please read the product description under Shamanic Healing. I offer it this way so that we can work in a number of ways with what is going on for you and take you on a deep energy healing journey. I will work with you in whatever way spirit calls me to (read more under Shamanic Healing as mentioned) and when we are ready I will guide you on a shamanic journey where I will then let you have 10 min or so with spirit taking you through your own process of the rebirth. Then, we will 'come back' and complete the healing session (and just to be clear: although my personal spiritual dismemberment took place in a bathtub, that is not how we do it during a session! You will be fully clothed whether we do the session via Zoom/Skype or in-person).





Shamanic Rebirth Session

  • I recommend that you stay off alcohol and/or drugs for at least 48-72h before your session and that you limit caffeine. Make sure you are able to lie down comfortably and that you are undisturbed and able to rest in a relaxing space in your home. I will give you advice either during the session or in a follow-up e-mail helping you to continue your work beyond the session. This could be anything from having detox baths to journalling, sand-paintings and so forth. We will find something that suits you and will help you along your path.