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Intuitive Tarot Reading & Shamanic Healing (30 min video recording + 1.5h healing via Skype/Zoom)


Your reading will be sent as a video link (roughly 30 min) via e-mail within 7 days (please forward a photo of yourself and what you need help with after booking into tessa@shamanicsoulwork.com so that I can get to your reading ASAP). We will also book in a full 1.5h live shamanic healing session via Skype/Zoom at a time that suits us both after the reading has been sent out. 


What happens during a session?


I call on the forces of the 6 directions before our session, setting the intention and getting ready to hold space for you to safely go through your own healing process. A typical session would include gathering in sacred space and using shamanic tools and energies to delve deep into whatever issue you are currently facing in your life. We work with my medicine stones and then move on to energy work. Shamanic healing is equally as effective whether done via Skype or in-person (see Q & A for more info). Please note: this combo pack is only available via Skype/Zoom.


Your session may include:


  • Decoupling (resetting your fight-or-flight system)
  • Illumination (a shamanic chakra clearing & re-balancing)
  • Extraction (removing energy/entities that are not meant to be in your field)
  • Journeying (I may use shamanic journeying to get advice from spirit on how to help you)
  • Soul Retrieval (Shamanic journeying to retrieve a lost soul part)
  • Destiny Retrieval (finding the original self that can help you reach your highest destiny)
  • Cord Cutting (removing toxic cords that you may have formed with people you are or have been, close to)
  • Divination such as Tarot-/Leaf-/Stone- readings
  • Shamanic Tracking - I connect with spirit and delve deeper into what is going on for you at the moment on the different levels in your life
  • Coaching in regards to diet/lifestyle changes (always see your medical professional before making such changes in your life)
  • Rites of Passage
  • Death Rites & Surrogate Death Rites (Psychopomp - helping spirits cross if they are attached to you)
  • Installing the Bands of Power
  • Shamanic Coaching
  • Journalling Techniques
  • Spirit flight
  • Ancestral Work


I may use a drum, rattle, my shamanic altar (mesa) which includes crystals and stones that I have used for my own healing and that have gone through various ceremonies and therefore now hold sacred wisdom to assist you. I may use music, writing exercises, a pendulum, feathers, spirit water, sage, Palo Santo...whatever spirit calls me to do, but always with integrity and your highest wellbeing in mind.


Shamanic healing is a deep process and it is important not to rush forward. Deep healing and change take commitment, work, and engagement (both during and after the session). A common experience is to find the process very intense, but also that issues shift over the next moon cycle ‘in the background’. Shamanic healing is like peeling off the layers on an onion: when we remove the obvious obstacles we can find out what is really going on at a deeper level. In other words: if you are committed to deep healing in your life, shamanic healing can help you, but it does not happen overnight. It is also important to find a shaman that suits you as a person. 


What are the benefits?


Shamanic Healing can be useful for:

  • Restoring peace
  • Restoring balance
  • Removing toxic energy and entities
  • Clearing recurring patterns such as addiction, self-sabotage, negative thinking and other patterns that hold you back
  • Wellbeing
  • Spiritual Development
  • Working through core woundings (betrayal, trauma, loss, etc.)
  • Bringing light to shadow aspects - the part of yourself that you have stored away that may be holding you back
  • Helping you connect with a deep spiritual path and your highest destiny
  • Removing fear & other unhelpful blocks
  • Finding your authentic voice, path, self-love


..and much more.


Please note: shamanic healing is NOT curing nor used to treat physical illnesses, the way a medically trained professional would. Shamans work on the energy field & the spiritual causes behind various problems you may face. For more information I recommend the book 'Shaman, Healer, Sage' by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the documentary 'Healing the Luminous Energy Field' by Dr. Villoldo. Healing can happen without curing, just like curing can happen without healing. Curing is focused on the body and physical symptoms, which is the field of trained medical professionals and not shamanic healers.


​Is shamanic healing right for me?


​Shamanic healing is powerful and transformational. It can be very blissful & certain techniques such as the spirit flight are incredibly pleasurable & sacred. However, it is DEEP work and not just gentle blissful healing. The shamanic process goes to the core of what is going on, removes unhelpful energy and brings up what needs to be released and the energy works on you for a good amount of time after the session. To heal and thrive we need to face both the light and the dark within ourselves and be fully in our power. When you face your fears, shed your karmic destiny and do your ancestral work, you clear the slate for yourself so you are in charge in your life. All this takes work and is not always easy. If we are unaware of our shadow aspects, our ancestral karma and what runs in our family, we are bound to repeat stories and scenarios in our lives that are not really 'ours'.


Fears can be brought up, you may e.g. experience slight discomfort whilst a chakra is cleared. Your experience will depend on the sensitivity of your field and how much healing you have had. At this point in my life, I can e.g. feel energy removed from my system, but if you are new to healing you may not.


All work is done in sacred space, under the watchful eye of the lineage of wisdom keepers that have walked before me. However, if you are not ready for deep work, not willing to engage during the session (and after) and not ready to create a big shift in your life, you may wish to have a gentler form of healing till you feel ready. As mentioned earlier, healing is not 'done to you' so you have to be a key player and ready to work with the energy you are given.


Ultimately YOU heal yourself, the healer holds space and is the hollow bone for spirit to come through, so it is imperative that you are ready and onboard. Sessions last roughly 1.5h depending on what is needed. I recommend taking the rest of the day off for self-care after the session where possible.


In Munay (with love),


Intuitive Tarot Reading & Shamanic Healing

  • I recommend that you stay off alcohol and/or drugs for at least 48-72h before your session and that you limit caffeine. If you are having your session via Skype you want to make sure you are able to lie down comfortably (and probably need a blanket) and that you are undisturbed and able to rest in a relaxing space in your home. I will give you advice either during the session or in a follow-up e-mail helping you to continue your work beyond the session. This could be anything from having detox baths to journalling, sand-paintings and so forth. We will find something that suits you and will help you along your path.