Mona Maria Therese Santalucia ('Tessa')

I would like to begin by acknowledging the Q'ero Elders, who have made their ancient sacred teachings available to my teachers, and therefore to me. My teachers have so far been: Don Alejandro Apaza of the Inca Medicine School, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Ms. Marcela Lobos, Ms. Karen Johnson, Mr. Lawrence Furtsch, Ms. Martha Abbott & Mr. Marcel Heyder from the Four Winds Society, Ms. Sandra Ingerman as well as my local Q'ero initiated shaman Dr. Sherif Tawfilis whom I go to regularly for my own healing as well as to further my education.

I am currently, with deep gratitude, receiving training through Don Alejandro Apaza of the Apaza Family Lineage that runs the Inca Medicine School. I am learning first-hand from the Q'ero in order to do their medicine justice and keep their lineage intact. I am also in the early stages of beginning to study under another Andean wisdom keeper (I will respectfully and reverently name this teacher when I feel this is something I have permission to share officially). I feel it is very important to learn first-hand from Indigenous people, especially as a westerner called to the shamanic path.

Qualifications​ & Ongoing Learning 

  • Current studies: Ongoing through the Inca Medicine School (with Don Alejandro Apaza, currently via What's App)

  • One-on-one teaching via Zoom with an Andean wisdom keeper. At this stage, it is too early to say if this will be ongoing and out of respect to this master I am waiting to ask his permission for him to be named as my teacher. If this teacher-student relationship continues I will ask permission to respectfully name this incredible master.

Completed Studies:

  • Dying & Grieving Consciously Training, The Four Winds Society, April 2019 (online)

  • Healing with Spiritual Light: The Shamanic Power of Transfiguration to Heal Ourselves, Each Other, and the Earth, Sandra Ingerman, 2020 (Sounds True, online)

  • Attended The Four Winds Light Body School Review (postgrad) in Chiemsee, Germany, August 2019 (in-person)

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine, The Four Winds Society Light Body School, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, completed July 2019 (6-month online core curriculum)

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine, Four Winds Society & Omega, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, early 2018 (mini-course, online)

  • Addiction Therapy Diploma with a distinction, Centre of Excellence, 2018 (mini online course)

  • Vegetarian & Vegan Nutritionist Diploma with a distinction, Centre of Excellence, 2018 (mini online course)

  • Certified Soul Regression Therapist, Lorna & John Jackson of The Jackson Institute, Australia, certified (after post-graduate case study work was approved) in February 2018 (training listed below)

  • Certificate of Completion of Soul Regression Therapist training, The Jackson Institute, Australia, May 2017 (in-person)

  • Certificate of Basic Hypnosis, The Jackson Institute, Australia, May 2017 (in-person)

  • Certified Quantum Life Coach, Sandra Anne Taylor, Hay House, Certification & Completion March 2017 (online + sent printed coursework for approval) 

  • Reiki level 2 (Usui), through Reiki Master Julie Moorfoot, 2017 (in-person)

  • Reiki level 1 (Usui), through Reiki Master Julie Moorfoot, 2016 (in-person)

  • BSc Psychology, with upper second class honours, University of Westminster, London, UK, completed 2008 (in-person)


Plus many years working in the spiritual field as a professional psychic/intuitive Tarot reader, Tarot teacher, workshop facilitator and more prior to the shamanic path.

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