Social Projects

Giving Back/Right-Relation

20% of all takings on this site are donated to give back to the Q'ero people where my shamanic lineage comes from (unless a specific service states that the donations are going elsewhere). This happens via the Inca Medicine School (founded by my Elder & Teacher Master Don Alejandro Apaza) that helps Indigenous communities in the Andes. 

Don Alejandro Apaza

Nourish the Light

Supporting your plant-based journey. It is time we change the way food is produced, care for our sacred Earth and the animals on our planet. After years of feeling like I was fed conflicting information, I understood why, and now I want to help you navigate the vegan/plant-based topics without so much confusion. Western systems caused the damage and it is our responsibility to do the repairs. I welcome all those ready to invite more plants and more kindness and compassion into their hearts and onto their plates.

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