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“Result-oriented, low-tech, low-cost, shamanic medicine, uses natural elements, spirit, and the healing power of a caring community, as practiced by Indigenous societies for millennia.” 

― Itzhak Beery

What happens during a session?

Shamanic healing always takes place in sacred space. I take great care to call on the forces of the 6 directions before our session, setting the intention and getting ready to hold space for you to safely go through your own healing process. It does not matter if we meet in person or online (live call with video via Zoom/Skype), the energetic preparation of the space and myself is the same and so are the benefits. Shamans work with energy, which means it does not matter if we are in the same room or not (if this is a new concept to you I recommend reading 'The Field' by Lynne McTaggart). In fact, I sometimes feel distance work is more powerful, but I am well versed in both in-person and distance sessions. Some clients choose to have both and alternate between the two.


Every session is different depending on your needs and what spirit is prompting me to do, but a typical session would include gathering in sacred space, discussing what problems you are facing and using shamanic tools, energies & ceremonies to delve deeper. I 'track' what is happening on the different levels in your life in regards to the problem you are facing. We bring up the energy of the situation, work with my medicine stones (that became medicine stones - cuyas - through my own deep healing process and many different fire ceremonies, sand-paintings, shamanic journeys etc.) and then move on to the more obvious 'energy work' of the session. The specifics will vary depending on where you are on your journey, how many sessions you have had etc. We work on shifting any unhelpful patterns, toxic, negative, stagnant & unhelpful energies. This may include the following shamanic healing techniques:


  • Illumination (a shamanic chakra clearing & re-balancing that clears imprints in your energy field)

  • Extraction (removing fluid or stagnant intrusive energies that are not meant to be in your field)

  • Journeying (I may use shamanic journeying to get advice from spirit on how to help you)

  • Decoupling (resetting your fight-or-flight system)

  • Soul Retrieval (I 'journey' to the lower world to look for a missing soul part, an unhelpful soul contract that needs to be changed, a power animal and a gift from spirit for you to work with)

  • Destiny Retrieval (finding the original self that can help you reach your highest destiny, the soul contract you made when you chose to incarnate on Earth this time)

  • Cord-Cutting (removing toxic cords that you may have formed with people you are or have been close to)

  • Divination such as Tarot/Oracle/Leaf/Stone readings

  • Shamanic Tracking - I connect with spirit and delve deeper into what is going on for you at the moment

  • Coaching in regards to diet/lifestyle changes (however, always consult your doctor before making any dietary changes)

  • Rites of Passage (e.g. the Rite of the Womb)

  • Death Rites & Surrogate Death Rites (Psychopomp - helping spirits cross that are stuck in 'bardo' or if e.g. a spirit 'walks into my office with you'...)

  • Installing the Bands of Power (a shamanic protection rite that is installed as 'a seed' that you then grow over the following 4-6 months)

  • Shamanic coaching (spiritual life coaching mixed with shamanic techniques)

  • Journaling techniques (working with your subconscious, your beliefs, your blocks, your 'current map' of the world and your place in it and how we can expand this map for you and make it more user-friendly)

  • Spirit flight (usually only for clients who have had many sessions or other practitioners as your field will not be 'light' enough to experience this at the start of your healing journey)

  • Ancestral work (if this appeals to you I also suggest working through the exercises in the book 'It didn't start with you' by Mark Wolynn)


I may use my drum, rattle, my shamanic altar (mesa) which includes crystals and stones that I have used for my own healing that now holds sacred wisdom to assist you (the cuyas mentioned earlier). I may use music, writing exercises, a pendulum, feathers, spirit water, sage, Palo Santo...whatever spirit calls me to do, but always with integrity and your highest wellbeing in mind. No two shamanic sessions are the same and it really is spirit that is 'running the show' with the healer facilitating in the middle world. I would also like to point out that it is not the tools or techniques that makes a session successful, it is the connection between the healer, spirit and the client.


Shamanic healing is a deep process and it is important not to rush forward. (An example from my own healing journey: I had not had a Destiny Retrieval yet after going to a shaman for almost 2 years - deep healing and change takes commitment, work, and engagement both during and after the session. Also, just because a technique is available does not mean it is what you need. For example, I always ask 'my shaman' to take me on the 'spirit flight', which I love, but most of the time he says no, because it may not be what I need at that particular time.) Shamanic healing is not simply for relaxation but deep energetic interventions that work on you 'in the background' during and after the session. A common experience is to find the process very intense, but also that issues shift over the next moon cycle. It often feels like issues are clearing in the background and you feel better but sometimes unable to pinpoint exactly how it works. In the West we are obsessed with delving deep into our issues, mesmerized by what is wrong with us and often entertaining ourselves with the 'story' we are accepting that we are caught in. Shamanic work instead happens on the energetic level, and the changes then affect 'the lower levels' such as the mind and body.


Shamanic healing is like peeling layers on an onion: when we remove the obvious obstacles we can find out what is really going on at a deeper level. It is quite common for the process to 'open the junk drawer' and for old memories and energy to be released in the weeks following the sessions. This process can be hard sometimes - you are prompted to handle your own inner world and see your shadow side. However, spirit will only allow you to face what you are ready for and always in your best interest. In order to stand in our full authentic power, we have to face our fears and all aspects of ourselves.


Shamanic healing can be blissful, but it can also be slightly uncomfortable. It is an intervention, it is not simply meant to make you feel good in the moment (although generally, you do!) You could e.g. feel nauseous in a session focused on the Solar Plexus chakra, feel the energy being removed, see an image that on the surface level may seem scary...or maybe you will find each session blissful - everyone has a different experience. 


All sessions are done in what I call 'double sacred space' (apart from calling in the 6 directions and setting up space and energy I also open my own energy field over you like a cocoon) and with high integrity and your highest good in mind. In my experience, this is the most powerful healing I have experienced, but it is important that you are willing to see all of yourself, truly commit to your healing process and work with the energy after your session. Ultimately nothing works unless YOU do! Shamans also see sacred space as a way of raising the vibration to allow spirit to come through and help in our 'dense' reality. Sort of like a business sign saying 'hey, here we are, come on in!'


Although a single session can make a big difference in your life, I highly recommend having a set of sessions or seeing a shaman every couple of months (which I still do myself). Everyone is different and there are no set rules for how many sessions to have or when to do which intervention, however, as a general guideline you would probably need 2-3 Illuminations/Extraction sessions before deeper work like Soul Retrievals to ensure you are ready to work with the soul part that comes back and hold on to the influx of energy. 


What are the benefits?

Shamanic Healing has a wide range of benefits, but will, of course, differ from person to person based on what techniques are used, what your needs are and all your other unique circumstances including your readiness to heal and take action in your life. It is important to understand that sometimes what we wish to shift in our life, what we do not like, has a 'secondary gain' that is out of our awareness. An example of a secondary gain could be holding on to a bad habit, that keeps us from 'needing to' deal with the real problem of being unhappy in our career.


Please note: shamanic healing is NOT curing, nor used to treat physical illness. Shamans are not medical doctors! Shamans work on the energy field & the spiritual causes behind various problems you may face. For more information I recommend the book 'Shaman, Healer, Sage' by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the documentary 'Healing the Luminous Energy Field' by Dr. Villoldo. A good example is a snake bite - if you get bitten you want to see a medical professional as soon as possible, you obviously do not seek out an energy healer. However, from a spiritual shamanic perspective, you may then, after being cured, wish to see a healer to find out why you got bitten by a snake in the first place. In my personal experience, shamanic healing has changed my life, helped me get closer to myself, feel great most days, live healthily, thrive and not suffer from stress etcetera. This work is deep, spiritual and all about wellbeing and the sacred. The sacred, e.g. ceremony that speaks to the soul level (as opposed to 'talk' that speaks to the monkey-mind) is in itself relaxing and healing. Spiritual healing can happen without curing, just like curing can happen without spiritual healing. Shamanic healing is not mediumship, we only work with spirits if e.g. they 'walk in with you' to the session and need to be crossed over, we don't channel messages from crossed over relatives in my tradition.


Shamanic Healing can be useful for:


  • Restoring balance

  • Resetting the Fight or Flight system

  • Removing toxic energy and entities

  • Clearing recurring patterns such as addiction, self-sabotage, negative thinking and other patterns that hold you back (of course YOU still have to take action to create these shifts, but healing can help you find the strength to do so)

  • Wellbeing

  • Spiritual Development

  • Working through core wounds (betrayal, trauma, loss) 

  • Bringing light to shadow aspects - the parts of yourself that you have stored away that may be holding you back

  • Helping you connect with a deep spiritual path and your highest destiny

  • Removing fear & other unhelpful blocks

  • Finding your authentic voice, path, self-love

  • Connecting with spirit & spirits (please note: I do not offer mediumship sessions)

Oftentimes we see a shaman because we have a problem. However, that problem may simply be the first layer on an onion containing more deeply seated issues that are out of our awareness. Shamanic healing works on the big picture and clears energy so that we do not have to hash out every single issue we have, but create greater shifts in quantum leaps. Oftentimes we need healing in areas we are not consciously aware of. A personal example from my own life is that I, through deep shamanic work, realised how 'broken' my feminine side was. Being raised in the West meant I valued being super productive, rushing, was a high achiever, etc. - but I failed to take care of myself and I did not see what more can be done in stillness than when rushing. 


​Is shamanic healing right for me?


​In my professional and personal experience, shamanic healing is very powerful and transformational. It can be very blissful & certain techniques such as the spirit flight are incredibly pleasurable & sacred. However, it is DEEP work and not just gentle healing to simply make you leave a little lighter. The shamanic process goes to the core of what is going on, removes unhelpful energy and brings up what needs to be released including ancestral and karmic patterns, generational curses, subconscious unhelpful beliefs, etc. To heal and thrive we need to face both the light and the dark within ourselves and be fully in our power. When you face your fears, shed your karmic destiny and do your ancestral work, you clear the slate for yourself so you are in charge of your life. All this takes work and is not always easy. The best protection is to heal and grow strong and clear the affinities you have for unhelpful situations, attracting 'the wrong' people and situations into your life. Oftentimes Western spirituality talks about spraying your aura and using a wide variety of tools to protect yourself. Whereas these can be useful, it is far better to address the issues that make you vulnerable in the first place, making you less of a target.


All work is done in sacred space, under the watchful eye of the lineage of wisdom keepers that have walked before me. However, if you are not ready for deep work, not willing to engage during the session and after and not ready to create a big shift in your life you may wish to have a gentler form of healing till you feel ready. As I have stated before, YOU are the person really creating the healing in your life with the help of spirit, you are not 'healed' by the healer. In fact, I believe we are all whole within and that our higher self, which is connected with spirit, knows exactly what to do when you get out of the way. Like Dr. Villoldo says: 'I don't see a diagnosis walking into my office, I see a Buddha!' (Paraphrased).


Sessions last roughly 1.5 (Soul Retrievals can take longer and you most likely will need time to rest afterward and perhaps have a salt bath etc.) depending on what is needed. 

Remember, spirit and your subconscious will only help you face what you are ready for. Healing can be challenging, but you have the strength to deal with anything that comes up. Mostly, being in a sacred space is blissful and helps you reach your highest potential.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

In Munay (with love),



'The intention and skill that goes into a shamanic healing session with Tessa is flawless. I have had 3 distant sessions with Tessa and one in person, they all moved and changed me in ways that are rather observed and felt than expressed in words; Tessa has transformed ancestral trauma to the light and has continued time and time again to hold space and allow for deep energetic healing to take place all the way into the roots of my soul. The amount of healing that has taken place I know not only lies within me, but of the next generations and my soul forever. Thank you spirit, thank you Tessa.'

- Georgia, Melbourne

'I've had two shamanic healing sessions with Tessa. In both sessions Tessa facilitated very profound healing for me that I felt during the sessions and also afterwards. Tessa is a very loving, dedicated and powerful guide who can clear negative or heavy energy from you that will help you on your personal spiritual journey. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful and powerful woman.'

- Susan, Sydney