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My mesa on Dragon's Beach
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Shamanic Healing

Mesa by Mama Cocha


Sacred Ceremony via Zoom


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Indigenous Offerings


Sunrise Mt Donna Buang

Shamanic Healing is a lineage-based ancient energy medicine.

Sacred, powerful and life-changing. It is not a treatment that is done to you, it is a spiritual journey your soul goes on.

We gather in protected sacred space, calling in allies in the spirit world, the mountains, the Star beings, Pachamama...and together we work on changing the stories your soul has accepted as truth. Beyond what the mind and eyes can perceive, there is the level of the soul and from this blueprint you can create a better future. 

Greeting Mama Cocha at sunrise

Ancient Wisdom

'It is time that we listen, return to caring for our Earth mother, live in harmony with nature and each other, and treat our Indigenous Elders with respect. This is how we heal ourselves and our planet. The Earth-based traditions hold the wisdom humanity needs. On the Peruvian Paqo path ('shamanic healer' path) we call this 'ayni' - being in right relationship with all living things, from a rock to a tree, to our fellow humans...this is the Earthkeeper way. This path includes everything from our Earth to the Starbeings and everything in between.'

Master Giuliano Salas

From my Elders in Peru

Sacred handwoven textiles by Maestra Doña Marquesa Apaza, daughter of one of my Elders Master Don Alejandro Apaza. Made in sacred ceremony, the traditional, ancient way. 

Master Don Alejandro Apaza also runs the Inca Medicine School where you can learn to walk this path in right relation.

Andean Inca Meditation Program, apprenticeships, group programs & Sacred Journeys by Inca Priest Giuliano Salas.  

Inca Shaman Marqueza Apaza Pampamesayoq Inca Medicine School Peru Photographer Claudia Ala
Don Alejandro Apaza

Indigenous Offerings

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Sunrise Mt Donna Buang
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