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Weaving Light

Sacred Space...

Shamanic Healing takes place in sacred space, where we meet with helping spirits, heal & align with our highest destiny. Free yourself from trauma, karmic ties, bad habits, worn-out stories, family line issues and energies that no longer serve you. Choose to turn your wounds into sacred wisdom & weave your wild untamable light. 


'Unearth your core potential & create your highest destiny'



Ceremonies & Rites

Shamanic healing aside, I also offer ceremonies, house/space clearings, give the Rite of the Womb, install the Bands of Power, hold sacred events, workshops & gatherings both online and in Melbourne, Australia. To request a house clearing or ceremony please send me a message via the 'contact page'. For events click the link below.


By Bridget, Melbourne:

'It is an immense privilege to have such a deeply insightful and intuitive shamanic healer guide me on my journey as new facets of this spiritual world open up to me. Her sessions are changing my life. Her focus is on journeying alongside her clients, never taking their free will away from them; instead empowering them to traverse the invisible realms and find their own meaning...Read full review + other reviews by clicking the button below!

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