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Shamanic Healing takes place in sacred space, where we meet with helping spirits, heal & align with our highest destiny. Free yourself from trauma, karmic ties, bad habits, worn-out stories, family line issues and energies that no longer serve you. Choose to turn your wounds into sacred wisdom & dream a new destiny. 


'It is time that we listen, return to caring for Pachamama, live in harmony with nature and each other, and treat our Indigenous Elders with respect. This is how we heal ourselves and our planet. The Earth-based traditions hold the wisdom humanity needs. On the Peruvian Paqo path ('shamanic healer' path) we call this 'ayni' - being in right relationship with all living things, from a rock, to nature, to spirit, to our fellow humans...this is the Earthkeeper way. This path includes everything from our Earth to the Starbeings and everything in between.'


Ceremonies & Rites

Apart from individual healing sessions, I also offer ceremonies, group events and pass on the Bands of Power & the Rite of the Womb. To see what is coming up next click the 'event' button below.

Sunrise at Mt Dandenong

Sacred handwoven items by Doña Marquesa Apaza, sister of one of my teachers Master Don Alejandro Apaza

Andean Inca Meditation Program created & taught by Inca Priest Master Giuliano Salas

Sacred Offerings from my Teachers in Peru


By Bridget, Melbourne:

'It is an immense privilege to have such a deeply insightful and intuitive shamanic healer guide me on my journey as new facets of this spiritual world open up to me. Her sessions are changing my life. Her focus is on journeying alongside her clients, never taking their free will away from them; instead empowering them to traverse the invisible realms and find their own meaning...Read full review + other reviews by clicking the button below!

20% of all takings on this site are donated to give back to the Q'ero people where my shamanic lineage comes from.

This happens via the Inca Medicine School (founded by my Elder & Teacher Master Don Alejandro Apaza) that helps Indigenous communities in the Andes. Learn more about their projects here: https://incamedicineschool.com/ 

Two trees are planted (one in Australia and one in the Amazon) per Shamanic Healing Session booked with me across all platforms.

(via https://onetreeplanted.org/)

I wish to offer all Indigenous clients a 15% rate reduction for Shamanic Healing Sessions.

Sliding scale fees are also available for those needing it, Indigenous or not.

(Please fill in the contact form before booking in to make these arrangements.)

I acknowledge Country and the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the true Traditional Custodians of the land where I live and work and how sacred the land we stand on is. I would like to pay my respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging, and acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

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The photos and videos on this website are mostly my own, of my sacred objects and during special outings. They are not to be used in any capacity without my approval. The photos of Indigenous Peruvian Masters are used with their permission - photographers specified where possible.