Shamanic Healing (ca 1.5h)

Available Online (Zoom) or in-person in Cranbourne East (Mon-Sat) or Brunswick East (Sundays)



What happens during a session?


Shamanic healing always takes place in sacred space. In this protected environment we call in the help of the lineage of wisdom keepers (the medicine men and women that have walked this Earth before us) and my helpers in the spirit realm. Together we create a safe, sacred environment, where you are nurtured and protected. We bring up the energy of what you need to release and we work with a multitude of tools and techniques to help facilitate an energetic healing shift in your spiritual body.

In a typical session we talk, delve into your current stories and what is going on for you. We work on what stories need to shift, we may use Tarot or oracle cards, we work with my mesa (my sacred medicine bundle that holds my medicine, the wounds I have turned to wisdom in my own life) and then we move on to deeper energy work before coming back to wrap the session up.


Your session may include:


  • Decoupling (resetting your fight-or-flight system)

  • Illumination (a shamanic chakra clearing & re-balancing)

  • Extraction (removing unhelpful energies that are not meant to be in your field)

  • Journeying (I may use shamanic journeying to get advice from spirit on how to help you and to facilitate shifts from what we perceive as other realms)

  • Soul Retrieval (Shamanic journeying to retrieve a lost soul part)

  • Shamanic Rebirth/Spiritual Dismemberment - an energy clearing method facilitating new beginnings

  • Guided shamanic journeying, meditation or mindfulness exercises

  • Destiny Retrieval (an energetic approach to helping you align with your highest destiny)

  • Cord-cutting (removing energetic cords to people and places)

  • Divination such as Tarot-/Oracle-/Leaf-/Stone- readings

  • Shamanic tracking - I connect with spirit and delve deeper into what is going on for you at the moment on the different levels in your life

  • Coaching in regards to diet/lifestyle changes (always see your medical professional before making such changes in your life)

  • Rites of Passage

  • Psychopomp - helping spirits go to the light if they 'walk into the room with you'

  • Death Rites & Surrogate Death Rites (not described here as these are not usually part of your typical shamanic healing session)

  • Installing the Bands of Power & Protection

  • Giving the Rite of the Womb

  • Shamanic Coaching

  • Journaling Techniques

  • Spirit flight

  • Ancestral Work

  • Drumming, rattling, music, writing exercises, spirit water, Palo Santo, Essential oils


...Whatever spirit calls me to do, but always with integrity and your highest wellbeing in mind. 


Shamanic healing is like peeling the layers off an onion: when we remove the obvious obstacles we can find out what is really going on at a deeper level. In other words: if you are committed to deep healing in your life, shamanic healing can help you, but it does not happen overnight. It is also important to find a shaman that suits you as a person. Deep healing and change take commitment, work, and engagement (both during and after the session). A common experience is to find the process very intense, but also that issues shift over the next moon cycle ‘in the background.’ 


What are the benefits?

Shamanic healing can be used for addressing pretty much anything that has a spiritual cause. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Removing unhelpful energies that you may have 'picked up' along the way

  • Working through core woundings (betrayal, trauma, loss, etc.)

  • Resetting the fight-or-flight system, cultivating true peace and stillness 

  • Clearing recurring issues such as addictive patterns, self-sabotage, negative thinking 

  • Bringing light to shadow aspects - the part of yourself that you have stored away that may be holding you back

  • Helping you connect with a deep spiritual path and your highest destiny 

  • Wellbeing

  • Removing fear & other unhelpful blocks

  • Finding your authentic voice, path, self-love

  • Creating the life you desire through healing and learning to dream a better future for yourself and the Earth


..and much more.


​Is shamanic healing right for me?


​Shamanic healing is powerful and transformational. It can be very blissful & certain techniques such as the spirit flight are incredibly pleasurable & sacred. However, it is DEEP work and not just gentle blissful healing. The shamanic process goes to the core of what is going on, removes unhelpful energy and brings up what needs to be released and the energy works on you for a good amount of time after the session. Shamans often refer to this work as 'psychic surgery' - aspects of your energy field are manipulated to help you heal, it is not simply a relaxation tool like many modern healing modalities are. To heal and thrive we need to face both the light and the dark within ourselves and be fully in our power. When you face your fears, shed your karmic destiny and do your ancestral work, you clear the slate for yourself so you are in charge of what you put on the canvas that is your life. All this takes work and is not always easy. If we are unaware of our shadow aspects, our ancestral karma and what runs in our family, we are bound to repeat stories and scenarios in our lives that are not really 'ours'. Unless you make friends with your 'shadow' and 'wounds' they create problems in your life. In other words: it may be scary to face your fears, but not as scary as having them run the show in the background from your subconscious! Spirit never gives you more than you can handle, and all work takes place in a loving and safe environment. Your unique experience will depend on the sensitivity of your field and how much healing you have had. You may e.g. experience slight discomfort whilst a chakra is cleared or you may not. It is also important to remember that 1.5h with me is not a 'fix all and cure all' that you have accumulated over a whole lifetime (and perhaps several lifetimes)!


All work is done in sacred space, under the watchful eye of the lineage of wisdom keepers that have walked before us. However, if you are not ready for deep work, not willing to engage during the session (and after) and not ready to create a big shift in your life, you may wish to have a gentler form of healing till you feel ready. As mentioned earlier, healing is not 'done to you' so you have to be a key player and ready to work with the energy you are given. Your healing path is yours to walk, I am just here to assist you along the way, not do the walk for you.


Ultimately YOU heal yourself, the healer holds space and is the hollow bone for spirit to come through, so it is imperative that you are ready and onboard. Sessions last roughly 1.5h depending on what is needed. I recommend taking the rest of the day off for self-care after the session where possible since there is a good chance that you will feel tired (yet elevated!)

Shamans work on the energy field & the spiritual causes behind various problems you may face. For more information I recommend the book 'Shaman, Healer, Sage' by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the documentary 'Healing the Luminous Energy Field' by Dr. Villoldo. Healing can happen without curing, just like curing can happen without healing. Curing is focused on the body and physical symptoms, which is the field of trained medical professionals and not shamanic healers. Shamanic healing is a powerful holistic tool, but YOU have to do your own work between sessions and be willing to change - this is not a miracle cure presented to you by the healer!


Preparation & Follow-Up


I recommend that you stay off alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 48-72h before your session and that you limit caffeine (to help you relax). I will give you suggested follow-up exercises after the session (usually in an e-mail sent later on the same day).


Cancellation & Refund Policy


If you need to reschedule your session, please contact me via e-mail: 48h prior to the start of your session and we will find another date and time to meet in sacred space. In the highly unlikely event that you are not happy with my services, please let me know and we can discuss a refund. If you are unwell on the day of your session, please let me know and we will reschedule.




Please note: to book you need to be at least 21 years of age and not suffer from epilepsy (due to the hypnotic state drumming and rattling can induce). Healing is not curing. I am not a medical professional and I do not treat mental - or physical illnesses. All services on this website are spiritual in nature and are NOT intended to replace professional medical care. I reserve the right to refund you and cancel our session, should I feel that I am not the right person to help you. In addition, please be aware that I use essential oils, sage, Palo Santo, Aura Sprays and similar (if you have any allergies please contact me before booking in) and that there is a dog on the premises. My husband may be on the premises during the session (but will not sit in on the session). Session notes will be digitally saved for my future references, but never with your full name or personal details. I do not record live sessions and I do not allow clients to record sessions for both our privacy and because healing is in the 'now' and not to be re-visited at a later date (although I, of course, help you work out what to do after your session to continue your own inner work!) Shamanic healing is not mediumship, we only work with spirits if e.g. they 'walk in with you' to the session and need to be crossed over, we don't channel messages from crossed over relatives in my tradition unless a spirit approaches us with a message. By booking in you agree that you have read the session information including the disclaimer/cancellation policy etc, as advised in the session descriptions. Energy healing can bring up memories, wounds and pain that needs to be worked through and that may be perceived as unpleasant. How you react to healing is unique to you. By booking in you agree that you are ready to do deep inner work which may at times bring up uncomfortable feelings, emotions, memories and so forth. 

20% of all takings on this site are donated to charity. Currently, the donations are split between three projects that are close to my heart. First of all the Inca Medicine School that helps Indigenous communities in the Andes (where my shamanic lineage stems from), secondly, Operation Underground Railroad that is rescuing children from sex trafficking, and finally a variety of charities that support animals in need (I will alternate between causes I come across in terms of the animal charity part). The payments are 20% all up, but how it is divided between the three causes varies.

I acknowledge Country and the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the true Traditional Custodians of the land where I live and work and how sacred the land we stand on is. I would like to pay my respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging, and acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

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