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Shamanic Soul Work is closed for now

Hi beautiful souls :) I've decided to take a step back from work for a while. (Probably a year + but there is no set time frame.)

Shamanic Soul Work is closed for client sessions for the remainder of my second pregnancy and the early postpartum period.

I will of course return (and probably rebrand etc) at some point after baby 2 arrives. However, being our second and having 2 under 2, I'm expecting to have a longer break than I did after the first birth. I also wish to rebirth a sustainable business for the future after this birth, but how that will look remains to be seen.

I love what I do and my business, however, being pregnant when you have a toddler is a lot and I feel it is time to step back to step forward. I want to enter the postpartum period a little more nourished than I am now or it will just come back and bite my bum later! ;)

My course is still open for enrolments and if I have time and energy I may create content or prepare some downloadable products. However, for now I'm stepping back.

If you are a mentoring client with outstanding sessions I would have contacted you already and these sessions will still go ahead.

To be a shamanic healer there has to be time for our own inner work, although of course motherhood makes it different than for a maiden healer. At present I feel I cannot fit in enough of my own inner work, which is another reason I feel stepping back to move forward is the best option.

I acknowledge the privilege in being able to make this choice. However, it is mostly a choice based on intuition and of course comes with sacrifices. I follow my inner guidance even when it might not make a lot of sense on other levels...

With love,


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


I wish to offer all Indigenous clients a 15% rate reduction.

(please contact me before booking in to receive this discount code.)


If you are not Indigenous but struggle to cover the session cost, I am also happy to help offer you a lower rate.

(Please fill in the contact form before booking in to make these arrangements.)

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