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I would like to begin by acknowledging the Q'ero and other Indigenous Elders, who have made their ancient sacred teachings available to my teachers, and therefore to me. I also honour the forgotten lineages of my own ancestry, the pre-Viking era pre-Christian medicine peoples of Sweden. 


My teachers are/have so far been: Peruvian Inca Priest Don Giuliano Salas, Don Alejandro Apaza of the Inca Medicine School, Dr. Alberto Villoldo & Ms. Marcela Lobos (+ their team at the Four Winds Society), and my local shaman Dr. Sherif Tawfilis.

I am currently, with deep gratitude, apprenticing (ongoing) with Don Giuliano Salas as well as Don Alejandro Apaza of the Apaza Family Lineage that runs the Inca Medicine School. I am learning first-hand from Indigenous lineages in order to do the medicine justice and keep the sacred wisdom teachings intact and unconfounded. Yes, all paths lead to spirit but lineages hold ancient wisdom that needs to be kept intact and needs to be protected and revered. A lineage/teachers are not 'rigid' or 'controlling' like Western religious and patriarchal schools have made us believe, but rather organised 'guides' that allow you to walk your own path of direct revelation (whilst carrying this ancient medicine).


If you are called to work with me it is most likely because I carry a piece of the 'medicine' you currently need. That does not mean that I am here to fix you, can help everyone or am all you need...this work is a dance we do together, not a cure or treament you receive. Whereas my current work is sacred, deep, beautiful and forever evolving, there is much more to come. Let me explain...

My client work is still mostly based on my Four Winds Training and what I have learned through spirit and experience since completing the training. However, in the meantime, I am learning to be a Chumpi Paqo (working with Chumpi stones) as well as going through the ongoing training and initiations to walk the Ñusta Paqo path (both through Master Don Alejandro Apaza). It may take years till I offer what I am currently learning to clients. The medicine path is slow, deep, and requires many years of practice before new techniques are offered. As I go through the years of embodying these ancient techniques, my medicine is already shifting. This path is not simply about having received teachings, completed courses, and been initiated. That is a start, but does not make you a 'medicine woman'. Many teachings are a door to spend years meditating and forming connections with allies that come through to do the work. This is the shamanic path and it is all-consuming 24/7 and for life.


From Inca Priest Giuliano Salas I am learning to hold the mesa ceremony, to work with herbs, magick, develop my magick and more. Continuously evolving, and when/where possible I bring this to my clients. This path is a lifetime commitment, not a course with a certificate. However, although we are always evolving, we can do deep work from where we are currently at too...spirit sends me the clients who need the medicine I currently embody.


(I wish to point out that I did not intentionally seek out different lineages, but this is what happened through the teachers that came my way. They are, however, all Indigenous to Peru).

A little more about my story...


After close to a decade on my 'spiritual journey', I heard the powerful call to the shamanic path and answered with every cell of my being. Walking the path of the 'medicine woman' (labels are a Western thing...) comes with great responsibility, hard work, and ultimately changes and challenges almost every aspect of your life and being. The deeper I go the deeper shadows I have to heal within myself. THIS is healing work - we heal through shining light on the deepest wounds and as a healer spirit will continuously 'place me in front of myself' through my clients should I have an unhealed part of myself that needs attention. To be a bridge for healing we don't have to be perfect, but we must never shy away from our own deep inner work or we will simply project it onto others. This is why this path is 24/7, 365 days a year...it is not a 'career'.

I am here to be the vessel for spirit to assist in your healing journey. This does not mean that you need me to heal or connect with spirit, but like me, you probably need a healer to assist you where you can't help yourself. The 'medicine' flows through the healer, but what YOU do between sessions is truly what will change your life. The healing journey is yours to walk, my job is to walk alongside you where required as my healers walk alongside me when I need it.


This path is, however, about more than the active one-on-one healing work I do: it comes with the responsibility to  live in right relationship with the Indigenous Elders, ancient wisdom traditions, nature, and all of life. I encourage you to take a look at Marilu Shinn (https://www.kawakenergymedicine.com/) and Dr. Rócio Rosales Mesa's work (https://www.drrosalesmeza.com/), especially if you are called to walk this path yourself. These amazing medicine women lead the way in honouring the sacred, decolonizing and (if white) unlearning white colonial programming.


To be 'one' we have to create equality and unity, and that cannot happen if we do not allow deep shadow work and unlearning. My Indigenous teachers do not need me to be a voice for them in any way shape or form, but what I will do is use my privilege to leave the world better than I found it. To show up and serve and use my voice for the greater good. This responsibility falls on all of us, but especially those of us born with the privilege of the current Western society.


A friend told me that my job is to 'be the Eagle in the Inca prediction of the Eagle (West) and Condor (East) meeting to birth the new Earth.' The Inca and other Indigenous Elders gave their lives to preserve the sacred wisdom technologies and medicines, yet they are now helping the West to heal the shadow of colonialization. Perhaps the most humbling truth a Westerner can learn. We need to fly together, not leaving anyone behind. 

As a healer, it is also very important that I know my own ancestry (born in Sweden with a Polish grandma who migrated after making it through World War II in a concentration camp). Scandinavia had shamanic practices and people lived in deep connection with nature and spirit and gathered around sacred fires, thousands of years before the era of the Vikings and Christianity. The rewriting of our flawed history books, honouring the Scandinavian traditions that existed long before the unfortunate aspects of history that we are known for also falls on me. Our lineages may have been lost and the medicine women burned at the stakes, but the medicine still lives in our ancestral memories. I walk and work with Inca Medicine, but I am also unlearning and relearning about the Scandinavian wisdom traditions and doing my bit to honour my own spiritual ancestry.

The Inca Medicine path is an Earth-based tradition, and of course deeply connected to the star beings and all life. It is a peaceful non-commercial spiritual path where we aim to self-transcend and be of service, living from our hearts and walking with beauty and in unity on our planet. 


My job is to step fearlessly into the dark, in this world and others, transmuting darkness to light and turning wounds to wisdom. I have had to and continue to face and heal my own fears, karmic baggage, family line stories, and of course my own human struggles like addictive patterns. I am helping others as I continue my lifelong journey of self-mastery, learning, spiritual development, and preservation of Indigenous sacred teachings (shall I be so lucky to keep receiving them!) I also do my best to highlight the challenges the Sámi in Northern Sweden face and of course what is happening to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

On a personal level, I am always healing and growing, on an interpersonal level I work one on one with you to assist you on your own healing journey, and on the collective level I aim to be part of our universal healing. 

Let's gather in sacred space, around the fire that has burned since the beginning of time. Join me on your healing journey as I continue on mine, let us walk with integrity, humility, and do the deep work we and our planet need to restore harmony, within and without. Let us begin to live from our hearts and remember our roots, joining in unity and equality where everyone's seat at the table is equally valued. This is the work of all of us and why your own deep (and sometimes painful) inner healing journey is a must, especially if you are on what we call a 'spiritual path'.

With love,


(Mona Maria Therese Santalucia)

Q ualifications & Ongoing Learning

Ongoing Apprenticeships

I am currently, with deep gratitude, apprenticing through my teacher Inca Priest Giuliano Salas as well as Don Alejandro Apaza of the Apaza Family Lineage, as described above.

Completed Studies

  • Dying & Grieving Consciously Training, The Four Winds Society, April 2019 (online)

  • Healing with Spiritual Light: The Shamanic Power of Transfiguration to Heal Ourselves, Each Other, and the Earth, Sandra Ingerman, 2020 (Sounds True, online)

  • Attended The Four Winds Light Body School Review (postgrad) in Chiemsee, Germany, August 2019 (in-person)

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine, The Four Winds Society Light Body School, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, completed July 2019 (6-month online core curriculum)

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine, Four Winds Society & Omega, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, early 2018 (mini-course, online)

  • Addiction Therapy Diploma with a distinction, Centre of Excellence, 2018 (mini online course)

  • Vegetarian & Vegan Nutritionist Diploma with a distinction, Centre of Excellence, 2018 (mini online course)

  • Certified Soul Regression Therapist, Lorna & John Jackson of The Jackson Institute, Australia, certified (after post-graduate case study work was approved) in February 2018 (training listed below)

  • Certificate of Completion of Soul Regression Therapist training, The Jackson Institute, Australia, May 2017 (in-person)

  • Certificate of Basic Hypnosis, The Jackson Institute, Australia, May 2017 (in-person)

  • Certified Quantum Life Coach, Sandra Anne Taylor, Hay House, Certification & Completion March 2017 (online + sent printed coursework for approval) 

  • Reiki level 2 (Usui), through Reiki Master Julie Moorfoot, 2017 (in-person)

  • Reiki level 1 (Usui), through Reiki Master Julie Moorfoot, 2016 (in-person)

  • BSc Psychology, University of Westminster, London, UK, completed 2008 (in-person)


Plus many years working in the spiritual field as a professional psychic/intuitive Tarot reader, Tarot teacher, workshop facilitator and more prior to the shamanic path.

Mesa at sunrise Mt Dandenong
My mesa on Dragon's Beach