'I highly recommend Tessa as a healer. She holds an immaculate and compassionate space: I intuitively felt safe to go deep on my first session with her.  She guided me through both shadow and womb work journeys, leaving me feeling much lighter and clearer post-session. She also offered guidance on practices for me to do post-session, so I can continue on with the work myself. 

A passionate, authentic, and high integrity healer. Thank you, Tessa! 

- Meagan, Melbourne

'Tessa holds such a sacred and safe container for healing to take place. She’s gentle, thorough, intuitive, kind-hearted, and full of knowledge. I felt like I was wrapped in a bubble of light in her presence and could fully surrender to the experience. Since our session, I’ve received guidance that reiterated messages that came through via her guidance during our call. Tessa is fully dedicated to her path as a Shamanic Healer and it is truly felt when interacting with her. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for being such a powerful, humble, and beautiful soul through and through. '

- Aydin, Melbourne

'Your healing has allowed me to remain rooted in reality by knowing what thoughts & energy to harness and which ones to release.

Your presence, space, and sessions provide such a safe space where I can be my most raw, authentic, and vulnerable self. I am able to remove my mask, allowing myself to be fully seen. I can further let down my guard and surrender to spirit as well as your guidance, wisdom, and healing. Most importantly you are helping me when I cannot help myself. You are a divine blessing.'

- Jayde, Reservoir

'This healing session with Tessa was profound and what I experienced in that session is something I will always treasure. Tessa is highly qualified, dedicated and genuinely caring. Her peaceful and empathetic nature, wisdom and knowledge of the Shamanic techniques opened me to the experience of self love and acceptance for perhaps the first time. This was a truly healing experience.'
- Rodrigo, Bendigo

'It is an immense privilege to have such a deeply insightful and intuitive shamanic healer guide me on my journey as new facets of this spiritual world open up to me. Her sessions are changing my life. Her focus is on journeying alongside her clients, never taking their free will away from them; instead empowering them to traverse the invisible realms and find their own meaning from the archetypes that abound. The tools she uses are subtly powerful, tailored to what is needed in each session, and she will only ever do anything at your own pace, with your permission and with transparency. The beliefs and practices that I’ve developed over the decades are honoured through the work that we do and she has become a spiritual guide for me through a realm of deep healing that would have been too overwhelming to approach in a consistent and long-term manner on my own. I have been to a number of shamanic practitioners over the years and Tessa’s integrity and tailored approach are second to none. I have never met a practitioner who has provided so much post-session support outside of hours either. She is clearly devoted to supporting her clients on their ongoing journeys, not just their journeys within sessions, to help them integrate the changes prompted through the sessions into their everyday lives. Shamanism is incredibly powerful, and needs to be approached with humility, integrity, accountability and gratitude. I am in such good hands with Tessa and I would recommend her to anyone, from those who want to dip their toe into shamanism and see if it’s for them to those who have decided to fully dedicate themselves to this path of healing.'

- Bridget, Melbourne 

'Tessa is amazing. I have been getting shamanic healing for three years now and hers has been one of the softest and feminine despite all the harsh work she has done in my underworld. 

Mine was an innate call to get to her as it's been almost a year now since I have started following her on instagram, and now I know why; she is the one to do it. I feel blissful, and reborn. 

I encourage you to reach her, even starting the session she has been so sweet. 

I felt safe and cared for during the session. I wish I could tell you more but the sessions are always private and personal. In short, it was amazing as much as she is.'

- Jülide Tunaseli, Turkey

'Saturday I was lucky enough to have a beautiful one on one ceremony with Tessa to prepare for my daughters birth & postpartum period. There is pure medicine in women holding, supporting & nurturing women for all things mother. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by flowers & beautiful ceremony space. Tessa puts so much effort not only into the energetics of the space (I literally felt myself entering sacred space) but also into the offerings. Tessa took me on a deep shamanic journey with the spirit of Pachamama, she sang to me, to my daughter, and to spirit, we were so held. When you are held this strongly you can journey deep and I found myself very quickly in the belly of Pachamama, I traveled along the momentum tunnel and saw what I needed to feel at ease about in my next transition and dived deep with the energetics of the feminine. We finished with a beautiful shamanic healing and I left feeling absolutely blissed out. Thank you for helping me remove my blocks, stagnant energy, and for being one of the highest integrity healers I know @shamanicsoulwork. Guys this is who I will be referring you to when I am on maternity leave. I'm really conscious about whom I receive work from whilst pregnant. I hold full trust in Tessa & her abilities, her medicine is electric.'

- Georgia, Melbourne

‘I had been trying to cut cords and deal with traumas of a past relationship on my own for two whole years and I was getting nowhere. Tessa helped me to finally get done what needed to be done. It was powerful and profound, and I’m feeling lighter in my mind and spirit. I can’t thank you enough Tessa.'

- Rachael Jean, Melbourne

'Wow, what an experience! I just had my first Skype shamanic healing session with Tessa and had the most profound experience...visions, journeys, long forgotten about childhood memories, physical experiences, realizations, release etc. I had more deep realizations with Tessa during this session, than I did during months of traditional therapy...(not that I'm knocking traditional therapy...that served me well at the time too). I came out of this session feeling like the weight of years of built up guilt and self-doubt has started to lift.'

- Kate, Australia

'The intention and skill that goes into a shamanic healing session with Tessa is flawless. I have had 3 distant sessions with Tessa and one in person, they all moved and changed me in ways that are rather observed and felt than expressed in words; Tessa has transformed ancestral trauma to the light and has continued time and time again to hold space and allow for deep energetic healing to take place all the way into the roots of my soul. The amount of healing that has taken place I know not only lies within me, but of the next generations and my soul forever. Thank you spirit, thank you Tessa.'

- Georgia, Melbourne

'I've had two shamanic healing sessions with Tessa. In both sessions Tessa facilitated very profound healing for me that I felt during the sessions and also afterwards. Tessa is a very loving, dedicated and powerful guide who can clear negative or heavy energy from you that will help you on your personal spiritual journey. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful and powerful woman.'

- Susan, Sydney

'Just had an AMAZING Skype chat Shamanic Healing session with my soul sister Tessa @shamanicsoulwork. It was just what I needed after so much movement over these past few months. If you are in need of some deep spiritual energy work, I highly recommend Tessa. She has been my go-to energy healer for the past 4 years. I seriously have nothing but praise for this woman!'

- Blake, Hawaii

“ I have had several Shamanic healing sessions with Tessa and they have each had different effects on me, all of which have been very positive and have helped me during times of change in my life. Tessa is non-judgemental, compassionate, very in tune and authentic. I found she knows how to hold space for the client in a way that really makes a difference. I highly recommend Tessa if you are looking for a dedicated and genuine healer.“

- Susan Rodio, Sydney, Australia

*Please note: although ALL reviews are written by real clients, names may have been changed to pseudonyms to protect their identity.