15% of all takings on this site are donated to charity. I vary between donating to the Willka Yachay Project: Empowering the Q'eros Nation of Peru. (http://willkayachay.org)* and Amazon Watch: protecting the rainforest & advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon basin (www.amazonwatch.org)*

*Please note: this does not apply to group events.

I acknowledge Country and the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the true Traditional Custodians of the land where I live and work.

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'Wow, what an experience! I just had my first Skype shamanic healing session with Tessa and had the most profound experience...visions, journeys, long forgotten about childhood memories, physical experiences, realizations, release etc. I had more deep realizations with Tessa during this session, than I did during months of traditional therapy...(not that I'm knocking traditional therapy...that served me well at the time too). I came out of this session feeling like the weight of years of built up guilt and self-doubt has started to lift.'

- Kate, Australia

'The intention and skill that goes into a shamanic healing session with Tessa is flawless. I have had 3 distant sessions with Tessa and one in person, they all moved and changed me in ways that are rather observed and felt than expressed in words; Tessa has transformed ancestral trauma to the light and has continued time and time again to hold space and allow for deep energetic healing to take place all the way into the roots of my soul. The amount of healing that has taken place I know not only lies within me, but of the next generations and my soul forever. Thank you spirit, thank you Tessa.'

- Georgia, Melbourne

'I've had two shamanic healing sessions with Tessa. In both sessions Tessa facilitated very profound healing for me that I felt during the sessions and also afterwards. Tessa is a very loving, dedicated and powerful guide who can clear negative or heavy energy from you that will help you on your personal spiritual journey. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful and powerful woman.'

- Susan, Sydney

'Just had an AMAZING Skype chat Shamanic Healing session with my soul sister Tessa @shamanicsoulwork. It was just what I needed after so much movement over these past few months. If you are in need of some deep spiritual energy work, I highly recommend Tessa. She has been my go-to energy healer for the past 4 years. I seriously have nothing but praise for this woman!'

- Blake, Hawaii

“ I have had several Shamanic healing sessions with Tessa and they have each had different effects on me, all of which have been very positive and have helped me during times of change in my life. Tessa is non-judgemental, compassionate, very in tune and authentic. I found she knows how to hold space for the client in a way that really makes a difference. I highly recommend Tessa if you are looking for a dedicated and genuine healer.“

- Susan Rodio, Sydney, Australia

Below you will find more reviews from my original Etsy store (pre-shamanic training)