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 I've often been asked if I offer mentoring and have always declined (apart from back in the day when I offered coaching)...then this morning when I was cleaning the house spirit popped the thought into my head that it is time to offer mentoring sessions...and as always I listened and acted.


I want to make it very clear that these sessions will NOT be me teaching shamanism - for that you need to learn from Indigenous Elders like Master Don Alejandro Apaza at the Inca Medicine school. 


What I will offer, however, is my energy, healing and my experience, training and personality. Essentially I'll be mentoring those that feel drawn to be mentored by me because you resonate with me. Not because I'm all-knowing but because you feel that I can assist you on your journey.


This will be:


  • By APPLICATION only (subject to approval, simply because I want to make sure I feel I am the right person to help you and also that our schedules can be linked up seeing that I'm limited in available timeslots because I have a baby. The application is NOT a review of you!)

  • Via Zoom and e-mail

  • In blocks e.g. 3 months (with the opportunity to keep going after each block is concluded should we both feel another round is in alignment)

  • Tailored to YOU


How do you apply?


Send me an e-mail saying you are interested in applying to and I will forward the application form (remember to check your spam, I generally always respond within 72h).


Once you have filled it in and returned it to me I will go over your application and create a proposal (nothing huge or complex, simply my suggestion for our mentoring block) for you to approve and we will take it from there.


The actual mentoring sessions will become available in June/July. Payment plans will be available.


Mums and bubs are welcome, you are welcome to have your baby with you in our sessions should you need to do so. 


With love,