Important Information

Important information before signing up for this program...

20% of the sales from this program will, like with my other services, be donated to Master Don Alejandro Apaza's work through the Inca Medicine School, assisting the Q'ero people in the Andes. 

Although this program should work on mobile devices (best with the Spaces app) there may be some glitches so I encourage you to use a laptop or larger device than your phone. If you get a server error message from Wix that asks you to refresh the page and you ignore it your progress steps will not be saved (which is easily fixed by clicking through the steps again, but refreshing will avoid that).

The website will ask you to create a log-in to become a free member of the site before signing up for the course. Then you will be able to find your courses under 'My Programs'. If you have not yet signed up for a program it will have an option to pay/join to get access to the program you are interested in. 

If you are accessing the program via your phone (which I do not recommend as it may have glitches, although it worked when I tried it) there is an option to use the Spaces app which is more mobile-friendly (there is a prompt in the course section asking to join the app if you wish to do so). When testing the app I had no issues, however, this program is created for computer access so I cannot guarantee that you will be able to use your mobile/app (although I have updated both the mobile and website version of the program from my end).

If you run into any issues fill in the contact form on the website and I will get the WebHost techno support people to help you out.

With love,